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Hola, from All Kreatures Pet Care

I am so excited to tell you about our new Groomer, Jennifer.  She is doing the greatest haircuts that you can imagine.  She is even doing cats!  We are so happy to have her helping Donna in the Groom Shop.

Jennifer and Donna have been having lots of requests to shave down our furry friends and here is some advice which might interest you!  Everyone wonders if they should give their pet a short haircut so they won't suffer from the heat.  Some folks even want to shave down that beautiful double-coat coat for comfort in the summer.  Jennifer says than it really isn't the length of the coat, but the owner's willingness to devote time to care for the summer haircut.

Even the longest coats act as heat protectors in hot climates.  For instance, our friends, the Siberian Huskies, have those natural protectors that keep heat off in the summer and harsh weather off in the winter (even in their natural arctic environment).  As long as your pet is healthy, the double-coated and heavy-coated dogs will be comfortable all summer provided they are given adequate brush-outs and proper coat maintenance. 

The condition of the coat determines whether or not it should be cut.  A matted coat will trap heat and moisture.  This causes irritation, odors and can lead to more serious skin issues.  When hair becomes extremely matted, even a professional groomer won't be able to brush out the mats and a full clip-down will become necessary.

If you decide to clip, please remember that without his coat your pet will need extra protection from the sun, flies and other parasites,  Exposed skin is sensitive to sun and can sunburn leading to several skin disorders including skin cancer.

Jennifer and Donna are excited to help you keep your dog or cat in tip-top summer condition.  Give them a call.  Me, I have what you call a year-round coat, but I love to give a tip or two when I hear something going around the kennel.  

Adios for now...

Paco P.