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Hola, from All Kreatures Pet Care

Have I ever told you the story about Sam, our bird?  Well, he (or she - never was sex tested) is a beautiful yellow-naped amazon parrot who came to live with us on a permanent basis about five years ago.  Sam will be forty-five years old this year, the same as someone else who we will not mention, which is middle-aged according to his life expectancy.

Sam had been boarding with us for many years while his previous owners had a very interesting post-retirement occupation as relief lighthouse keepers.  We had grown very fond of Sam and they decided to allow us to adopt him when they decided that they needed to give him up.

Sam resides in a sunny window in Betty's office close to the kitchen.  He used to stay in the reception area, but the noise sets him off...oh boy!  He loves living in a pet boarding facility, but his opinion is not always needed.  So, we enjoy him in the back office and while we eat lunch.  He can talk, saying some names, a few short phrases and memicking everyday noises.

Sam is a big part of the All Kreatures Team.  I hope you enjoyed reading his story!

Adios for now,

Paco P.