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Hola, from All Kreatures Pet Care

I don't know if you've ever asked about our Doggy Day Care or if your pet could play with other pets while boarding here, but I hear the staff answering that question all of the time.  This is the answer they give, so I'm going to pass it along to you.

We have never allowed pets from different families to play together.  My people,  have bred and shown Siberian Huskies for many years.  I am told that Siberians work well in packs, but on a given day they can have issues that cause them not to play well together even if they have lived together all of their lives. This is the main reason that they have never wanted to take this responsibility with other people's pets.

Also, dogs tend to slobber.  Slobber contains bacteria, YUCK!  I don't think that I need to say anymore about that.  This is why we clean all of our toys after each playtime or we only play with your toys!  No swapping slobber here!

So, it remains that here at All Kreatures, all Activities are individualized with your pet.  We feel strongly that it is not responsible to allow pets from different families to play together. 


Paco P.