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Hola, from All Kreatures Pet Care

Wow, this has been an exciting week.  It started out with our whole family camping out here Monday night so that we could be sure that everyone was safe and warm during the ice storm. We felt really lucky when all that happened was that we lost the phone system for just a little while.

So many folks around Knoxville and out in the counties have had no power for a couple of days now.  We are taking pets while families are going to hotels until their power comes back on.  Jeff says that it reminds him of years ago when a train derailed and there was a huge toxic spill and we took a bunch of pets for people on an emergency basis.  I am so glad that we can help.  You never know what might happen and this is a very good reason to always have your vaccination information handy.

Well, I need to go.  We have lots of new guests and I want to help them feel at home.  They sure seem happy to have a nice warm bed. 

Adios for now,

Paco P.