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Hola from All Kreatures Pet Care

Everyday, I sit at the gate and watch while the pets come and go.  I write about it all the time.  Today I looked over at the Kitty Kottage and saw a content cat lounging on the cat tree and it occurred to me that I never write about the cats who board with us.  So, I decided to write my blog about cat boarding here at All Kreatures.  I thought you might be interested to know what I think is the secret to our success with cat boarding. 

Cats make great guests.  Fortunately, we do not see many cats who have anxiety issues, but it is common when they travel from home or when they're away from their people.  That is one of the reasons every cat has a bright window view.  Cats love to be entertained and what is better than a front-row-seat on the outdoors.  Our cat trees are a great place for a nap, play, climbing and scratching.  The comforting environment wins over the newbies in short order!

We offer Kitty Kuddles which is a good way to bond and get to know the cats.  Usually, the owner brings treats and toys to entice play and help us make friends.  So as you can see, the cats at All Kreatures are content because they are in a warm and friendly environment designed just for them.  

Adios for now,

Paco P.