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Hola, from All Kreatures!

Usually, I am bringing fun and exciting news to you.  Sadly, this time I am bringing alarming news of the Midwest Canine influenza outbreak which we understand is coming from a new strain out of Asia.  It has already caused several deaths and many illnesses and that is making me think that we need to talk about it.  First of all, we do not need to panic, we just need to know the facts and know what we need to do to stay safe and healthy.

When my people planned and built All Kreatures, they understood that they would need to safe-guard against situations like this.  They put sanitation walls between every kennel enclosure.  The aisles were designed wide to keep dogs from having close contact and the air flow was measured to keep fresh air moving.  This is also why they have always been strict about now allowing pets from different families to play together of interact.  We can't lick or bite each other and have nose-to-nose contact.  We don't share drinking bowls and never have swimming pools or water features. 

I heard my people say that the best thing to do if you are feeling bad or showing the following the symptoms is to call your Veterinarian, immediately! 

Coughing, Sneezing, Variable fever, Clear nasal discharge that progresses to thick,yellowish-green mucus, Rapid/difficult breathing, Loss of appitite, Lethargy

If your people have any questions at all, they should call your Veterinarian and ask about any of your planned activities such as going to dog parks.  Please don't panic, but stay healthy!

Adios for now,

Paco P.